Carole Nash: successfully delivering digital customer service in the insurance market

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Founded 30 years ago, Carole Nash is the UK’s largest motorcycle insurance broker. Dedicated to meeting the needs of motorcycle owners, it covers bikes of all types, from superbikes and vintage machines to mopeds. As market leader, it regularly wins awards for its combination of innovative policies and excellent customer service.

The challenge

Operating in a highly competitive market, Carole Nash differentiates itself through its deep knowledge of the needs of motorcycle owners, specially tailored policies and by delivering the highest standards of customer service.

At the heart of this is offering customers flexibility, so that they can make contact, take out or renew policies and update their details quickly and easily, through their channel of choice.

Given that customers range in age between 17 and 85 years old, this means catering for a wide demographic. Demand is often seasonal, which makes resourcing in the contact centre complex.

Carole Nash also has to meet strict compliance targets. Providing a quote can therefore take up to 25 minutes, so it was looking to reduce handling times for the 500,000+ calls it receives every year, without impacting quality.

“Our business continues to grow and we wanted to make the process of contacting us as simple, straightforward and seamless as possible, across multiple channels, while still meeting our strict compliance guidelines,” says Paul Greenwood, Operational Change Manager, Carole Nash.

The solution

As incoming volumes of emails and voice calls continued to grow, Carole Nash turned to Eptica as it needed an integrated solution to provide a faster, more efficient way of delivering customer service that maximised staff time and made the quotation process straightforward yet compliant.

AI & Natural Language Processing

Eptica Email Management allows Carole Nash to handle the 3,000 monthly emails that it receives. Eptica NLP ensures that every enquiry is automatically analysed and then routed to the best available agent. Based on the nature of the query staff are provided with a relevant template from a self-learning knowledge base, which they can then personalise and send, thus reducing average handling times.

Centralised knowledge base

The same centralised knowledge base is also used by staff handling telephone calls, speeding up the process for the customer and allowing the agent to focus on helping answer the query. The knowledge base now includes over 300 articles, and is regularly reviewed to meet any information gaps identified by agents and managers through daily feedback. As insurance regulations are different in the Republic of Ireland, the knowledge base has been adapted for agents in Dublin.

Key benefits

Carole Nash is benefiting from using Eptica in six key areas:

  1. More efficient customer service

By using the knowledge base and Eptica email templates, it can successfully answer its growing number of emails, currently running at 35,000 per year. Without Eptica, it has calculated it would need to double staff headcount to handle this workload.

  1. Increased customer satisfaction

Consumers appreciate the fast, accurate responses they receive to their queries, helping Carole Nash remain the number one choice for motorcycle insurance in the UK.

  1. Personalisation

Thanks to Eptica’s linguistic capabilities every email interaction is automatically prioritised and routed to the agent with the right skills to respond.

  1. Ensures compliance

If underwriters do not receive all the information they require, in the right format, it can cause delays in issuing policies. By adding information to the knowledge base, Carole Nash has been able to reduce these issues, increasing compliance to over 98%, strengthening relationships and speeding up policy completion.

  1. Helping staff retention

Ensuring it retains skilled employees is central to Carole Nash’s growth. By supporting staff with the Eptica knowledge base, it helps them have more meaningful conversations with customers, boosting engagement and reducing staff attrition.

  1. Lower training time

As staff can easily find information from the knowledge base training time has reduced by 14%, while still ensuring that agents are confident and able to provide clear, fast answers to customer queries.

“Eptica ticked all the boxes supporting our agents and allowing them to become more productive, backed up by a team that understood our market and what we were looking to achieve,” concludes Paul Greenwood.

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