Quality is Not Just For Large Contact Centres

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Regardless of the size of your contact centre, it plays a critical role in delivering service to your customers. For many organisations it delivers the all-important ‘first impression’ to potential new customers and for others, it is the primary point of service delivery – playing a key role in customer retention.

Cirrus_Quality is not just for Large Business Centres
Ensuring that your contact centre delivers a consistent high-level of service, therefore is essential. It will differentiate you from the competition and enable your business to maintain long-term profitable relationships with customers.

It is very difficult to manage what you do not measure and this is highly relevant for contact centre quality. Where are processes falling down? What is the customer’s perception of your service? Which areas do agents feel are weak?

For many years larger contact centres have focused on agent performance management, agent quality and customer feedback – all tools that help them to continually improve service quality. However, many of the tools that are associated with these practices are expensive to purchase and often cannot be justified in the smaller contact centre.

Cloud-based telephony changes this by providing affordable access to the essential tools for measuring quality. Before we explore how this is possible, this Best Practice Guide will outline what every contact centre should be focused on to drive an efficient, effective and differentiated customer experience.

To find out more, download the Best Practice Guide.

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