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MySpeechAnalytics Limited based within the technology campus of the University of Coventry, today announced the launch of the UK’s most cost effective hosted Speech Analytics service.

The service has been designed with the specific intention of bringing Speech Analytics to the wider business community. MySpeechAnalytics’ fresh new approach to Speech Analytics, uses the power of machine artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a highly effective way of searching call recordings to access the stored data held within quickly and easily and at minimal cost. Many organisations, large and small, are already aware of the potential benefits of Speech Analytics, however, many have hesitated due to cost, the internal resources required or for technical reasons associated with the proprietary nature of many call recording systems. All of which are overcome with the new service.

New approach promises simplicity and low costs

“MySpeechAnalytics Limited recognise the issues which have stopped most medium and small business in the UK deploying a speech analytics solutions , which is why we taken a completely new approach.” said Andy Andreou,  Product Director, “Using artificial intelligence to rapidly and accurately search recordings, providing the results our clients are looking for, quickly, accurately and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, we have been able to bring Speech Analytics technology within the reach of any UK business operation.

The service is hosted (“in the cloud”) using the Amazon Web Services secure cloud infrastructure which minimises any disruption to a customer’s own existing environment. Thousands of calls can be analysed overnight, or, in emergency cases, within a few short hours. Our clients simply provide us the recordings and we do the rest. By doing so we dramatically reduce the customers own administration overhead and, by ensuring that they choose which recordings they want to analyse, costs can further be controlled to remain within defined budgets.

Working internationally, and for both private and public sector organisations, MySpeechAnalytics will help leading UK and global brands become more effective at delivering their services – creating better results and sustainable value with enhanced customer engagements.

For more information visit our web page of contact us direct through :

Nicola Belfrey,  Marketing Manager,  MySpeechAnalytics Ltd , on 0800 470 2258 , (outside of UK : + 44 (0)246 249 496 ) or via email Nicola.Belfrey@MySpeechAnalytics.com

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