Customer Experience and Revenues Are Being Jeopardized by Calls Not Connecting

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by Stephen Levenson, VP at Global Telecom Testing (

A 1st Financial Training Services survey reported that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back. Additionally, a Garter Survey showed 85% of customers are dissatisfied with their telecommunications experience with 92% of all customer interactions occurring via telephone.


Global companies are increasingly turning to Call Centres for sales and customer support. This technology is an important tool for driving customer experience, retention, and revenue streams.


According to a Frost & Sullivan report, 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies said they use Call Center solutions. Given how important these services are to international businesses and the potential impact on revenue, it’s disastrous when end customers encounter issues while attempting to contact customer support, purchase services and products, or make reservations because of problematic telephone numbers and IVR platforms.


Issues can range from improper provisioning, improper dialing patterns, geographical restrictions, network restrictions, etc… These issues negatively impact customer service, sales, reservations, corporate image, and revenues.

When new worldwide telephone numbers and IVR platforms are delivered to international businesses, they are tested randomly by the provider or their local in-country telco partner. Providers do not typically verify all numbers being delivered and the testing is rudimentary. These companies solely and sporadically test electronically, which permits problematic and/or non-functioning numbers and IVR platforms to be delivered to customers. This testing does not detect ANY in-country Quality of Service (QoS) issues and does not simulate the in-country user experience.


It is because of the often flawed and limited relationships between worldwide telcos and their in-country local telco partners that newly delivered worldwide telephone numbers and IVR platforms are frequently faulty, causing global companies to lose clients and compromise sales

Setting up global sales and customer service telephone numbers and IVR platforms is complicated and costly. They are the business’s life lines for customers and employees. Being 100% certain that they are fully operational is imperative. The time and money spent to fix faulty worldwide telecommunications is costly and frustrating, but more importantly negatively affects how a company is perceived in the marketplace, customer experience, retention, and revenues.

Part two of this article will explore the pro’s and con’s of all available testing solutions, enabling companies to make the most informed decision for their specific customer service and telecom needs.

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