Author: Rick Kirkham

Rick Kirkham is a long-time member of the UK CCF and speaks regularly at regional forums. He’s recently set up a new company, Customer Touch Point. We spoke to him to find out more. Rick says ‘Customer Touch Point is a hub for all things customer contact. We’re here because your customers need to talk to you, and you need to talk to them. So we help you connect in a way that shrinks cost of contact, reduces customer effort and boosts income generation. One of the key areas we work in is channel shift - moving customers from telephony to cheaper digital channels. Understanding how to change long-standing customer behaviour is fascinating. So what’s the key to doing it successfully? Trust. Many will people will self-serve if it’s easy for them, but, based on experience (and backed up by research), the phone is still the most trusted channel by a lot of people. So the key here is to tap into that trust and keep hold of it as the customer moves into the new channel. Give them a reliable, effortless experience and they’ll use that channel again next time. The tricky part is often working out how to make these changes to suit your environment, your system architecture and your customer base. But we help you navigate the complexities and have a range of solutions that are quick to implement and work with what you already have in place. I’ve learnt a great deal through members of the UK CCF forums and am amazed at how open people are. As a thank you, I’d like to offer UK CCF members a free customer journey review. That means if there are any journeys that aren’t quite working for you or your customers, we’ll be happy to have a look at it with no cost or obligation. Either email UK CCF or get in touch via and challenge us to help you deliver at every touch point.’