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Twitter customer service – what’s it worth?

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by Dionne Lackey

Omni-channel may seem like one of the most over used phrases when we talk about customer service these days, but if brands are not able to provide the choice of channels consumers want to use, they are failing them.  When it comes to Twitter, it’s essential to understand the value of looking after customers on what has become a major channel for engagement.  Advertisers say that 80% of their inbound social customer service requests come from the platform.  And, the number of tweets sent to leading B2C brands was 2.5 X higher in 2015, at around 5 million messages per month, compared with volumes in 2013.  Customers increasingly want to use the platform and being able to effectively answer tweets is a serious business.  Not doing this impacts customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend and spend.  Twitterrecently some shared some hard-to-ignore insight on how helping customers on the platform adds up.  It looked at three industries in the US: airlines, telecoms and quick service restaurants (QSR).  The study, conducted in partnership with Applied Science Marketing, showed that the potential revenue boost for brands that provide effective support on the platform is a serious business too.  The research found that …

It pays to respond

  • When a customer sent a tweet and received a response, they were willing to spend between 3%and 20% more on the next transaction.


  • Airline customers were willing to spend $8.98 more – a 3% potential hike in revenue
  • Telecoms customers were happy to spend $8.35 more – a 10% potential hike in revenue
  • Customers ordering pizzas spent $2.84 more- a 20% potential increase in revenue

It pays to respond quickly


  • When a passenger received a response to a tweet within 6 minutes from an airline, they were willing to spend almost $20 more on their next purchase.
  • Meanwhile, customers that waited an hour for a reply only spent $2.33 more.


  • Customers were willing to pay $17 more per month for a phone plan if they received a reply within 4 minutes.
  • Leaving customers waiting for more than 20 minutes reduced spend to $3.52.

 Pizza delivery (QSR)

  • Customers that received a reply within 4 minutes were happy to spend $2.41 on their next meal.
  • Customers left waiting for a reply for more than 106 minutes only spent $2.33. 

Realising the revenue potential for your business …

Watch this space for our new guide Twitter customer service explained, which includes some super-actionable advice on how to speed up response times to help businesses keep ahead of the relentless pace on the platform and ensure social interactions are a positive, impactful experience.


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