Reviewing or Updating your Recognition Strategy for 2017?

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Contact Centres with great cultures are great at recognising their people and making them feel valued. Most Contact Centre’s who have multi-sites or a sizeable number of employees will have an engagement plans and recognition often forms part of those plans, rightly so, as it’s one of the key drivers. However, like all best laid plans made after the colleague engagement scores on the doors are announced, they need updating.

Here’s 4 tips for reviewing, updating or creating your recognition plans.

Different Strokes for different folks

Ideas like employee of the month can work well, however it’s a strategy that might not reach your new joiners, or those that are showing massive improvements. Are your recognition practices flexible enough to incorporate the different types of people and activity you have going on in your Contact Centre? And does it acknowledge where people are in their journey with your business?  If the answers yes you’re off to a flying start

Make it work for your 2017 business goals 

Recognition is a fantastic tool to encourage the behaviours, results and collaboration you need to make the customer experience a seamless one. The more clarity you can shine on what you’re looking for, the more opportunity you’ll have to recognise great stuff when you see and showcase it to others.

What does your business need more of in 2017 to reach your goals?  More collaboration across departments? A focus on next issue avoidance? Higher customer satisfaction?  Take a look at how your recognition plans and tools are helping to drive those behaviours.

Spend Less .. Mean more

Whilst you may not be giving away cars or flash holidays, all those pizza’s, vouchers and bottles of wine add up.  Our experience and a ton of research shows that financial rewards and not nearly as powerful as you might think and what people really value is genuine appreciation from the right people – peers, Managers, Leaders, customers

Create some KPI’s for your recognition plans, tracking spend against colleague engagement information and other people metrics, the insight will keep you on your toes and help you evolve your plans throughout the year

Focus on involvement

Often recognition strategy is left to HR to craft and to Managers to implement, however the top down approach can mean that it becomes another job on the list to do rather than a behaviour which is central to your culture.

Find ways to involve as many people in recognition as possible, create plans and provide tools that allow recognition to happen spontaneously and frequently by as many people in the business as possible.  And then track who is engaging in recognition activity and who isn’t so that you can revise your strategy throughout the year

A well thought strategy can mean the difference between having lots of activity in the year and creating a shift in your culture to one of appreciation, where recognition & appreciation are peer-led and everyday occurrences.


Article written by Sinead Healy from Fanclub Recognition Ltd.  Fanclub helps businesses harness the power of appreciation to achieve results.


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