Help reduce absenteeism through ill health this winter

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You spend thousands of pounds on equipment to make the work environment a more productive and easier place to work on. You provide a work station full of equipment, a PC, mouse, key board, telephone, headset, maybe a large board on the wall that has the most amazing software that can tell you how long it took to take, make and produce a call. You provide training for the job and maybe ongoing that cost even more thousands of pounds. But you ignore the most valuable asset you have. The person sitting at those work stations using all of that valuable equipment that you must have, to make their existence and work easier.

According to the Office of National Statistics, a typical office based work place loses 12.4 days per employee to sickness absence each year, at an average cost of £940 per employee. For a Company employing 500 people, this adds up to a hefty annual absentee cost of £470,000 per annum.

At the same time, the average annual rate of staff turnover is 30%. With recruitment and training costs conservatively estimated at £3,000 per employee, that same 500-employee Corporate, Blue Chip or Call Centre business, faces an annual cost of attrition of £450,000. So, almost £1m a year in absence and attrition costs, before anyone even does a minute of work.

It’s not rocket science to see how important improving either of these two metrics could have a significant impact on the bottom line. The challenge is to find one of the best ways to improve the working environment, as a healthy one is a happy one. The warm autumn spell has allowed bacteria and other nasty’s to linger longer and spread more easily than when we have those sharp cold spells that help kill off the bugs that create the onslaught of the common cold or worse. It is proven that a clean and healthy environment is a happier and more productive one, helping in cutting absenteeism from the work place reducing sickness and staff turnover.

We at Aviclean have a range of work station cleansing products that will clean your headset, telephone, keyboard, mouse desk, PC screen and so much more. Used on a daily basis our products will help eliminate problems, before they can arise. Being anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral we provide a wider level of protection.

One small bacteria on a headset in warm conditions (that being against your head will provide) will multiply 700 times per hour. So on an eight hour day that’s !!!! well my calculator stopped giving out a number I could read after times 3 hours and finished on 5.764801e+22.(And I am sure some bright person can send me the real number) So what your employees (including yourself) could literally be sitting in front of and playing with, is mind blowing.

How safe is your office environment? under employment law there is a duty of care, to have the equipment and the work station cleaned regularly as problems arising from lack of care can and do lead to litigation. But we have a cleaner I hear you say. They will clean, but never a desk or anything on it for fear of retribution for moving a personal belonging. People are territorial. So let them clean their own space.

For further information and to book a free equipment health check please do not hesitate to contact us at Aviclean on 01795439656 or email robin@aviannegreen.com

Let us help you turn a sticky situation into a profitable one.

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