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Online retailer sees major growth and global success with Cloud Contact Centre platform

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“We were generating £5m per year in revenue and now that’s closer to £75m. There’s no two ways about it, had we not made the switch to Cirrus my customer service team would not have been able to support that growth.”

– Matt Oxford, Head of Customer Services, Lovehoney

Founded in 2002, Lovehoney is now the largest online sex toy retailer in the UK. It is experiencing rapid growth internationally and is recognised as a sexual wellbeing leader.

Technology in the way of providing great service

The Lovehoney team believe growth and success is based almost entirely on how well they take care of their customers. However, the premise based telephone system was inflexible, didn’t provide the best tools to the agents and was constraining their ability to expand into different regions, Matt Oxford, Head of Customer Services, Lovehoney, states, “The old system wasn’t very reliable and it wasn’t very well supported. When we wanted to change anything, it was cumbersome and upgrading was awkward. I didn’t want these guys to be experts on telephone systems, they’re supposed to be product experts and great at customer service so the system was affecting our agents’ ability to provide great experiences.”

A globally available Cloud Contact Centre

Lovehoney deployed the Cirrus Call Manager Cloud Contact Centre platform and now benefit from features such as advanced queueing and SMS Chat, to better connect with customers.

Agents can login wherever there’s an internet connection, using the Cirrus Agent application, which provides easy access to information and Customer centric tools, Oxford explains, “Growing too quickly, is there such a thing? – maybe not, not if you can keep up with it so that’s the key challenge. You need a good communication platform and great customer service which means keeping the customer service staff up to speed and providing them with an easy to use system. This is exactly what Cirrus enables us to do.”


Increasing revenues with better, global, customer care

Agents login to a single Contact Centre platform from locations across the globe, Oxford highlights, “We can put agents anywhere in the world and don’t even think about it. When our agents in Australia first used Cirrus they just loved it, the response was, it’s brilliant!”, highlighting the revenue success this has helped achieve, Oxford adds, “When I joined, we were generating £5m per year in revenue and now that’s closer to £75m. There’s no two ways about it, had we not made the switch to Cirrus my customer service team would not have been able to support that growth.”

An award-winning growth strategy

The flexibility to spin up agents anywhere and maintain a consistent, high level of customer care has been essential to realising growth ambitions but has also enabled Lovehoney to win a prestigious award, Oxford explains, “I know that Customer Service is the most important part of enabling this company to grow and I can’t imagine being able to do what we’ve done with customer service without having Cirrus on-board, full stop. We’re now able to help customers across the world and as a result, we won the Queens award for International Growth.”

A solution that just works

Lovehoney looked to the Cloud for a solution that could flex and scale easily, but were reasonably sceptical about being guaranteed the same level of resilience and robustness of a premise based solution. Its move to the Cloud was better than expected, Oxford states, “Cirrus provides the absolute essentials; it works, it’s solid, it’s not let us down. It’s just a very reliable service. This is massively important to our business as a customer service team because being easy to contact is massively important, therefore having a system you can rely on, anywhere, is crucial.”

A business continuity plan, (BCP) was high on the agenda for Lovehoney. They couldn’t afford to be off-line, ever, Oxford adds, “We’ve had disasters and Cirrus is great for disaster recovery. This is a key thing for me. In fact, we had a DR exercise recently, with one of our insurers 6 weeks ago, and it was great to kind of not be involved really, I just said, it doesn’t really matter, we can just work from home, across the road or we can work anywhere. Customer service sorted. It was as easy as that.”

Better at retaining crucial experience

Recognising the high level of churn typically in Contact Centres, Oxford explains, “Recruitment is always a challenge. It’s actually not that easy to train an agent and I think people are surprised about how much there is to understand. You could be shipping an order from Australia or Atlanta or the UK, using multiple services and having to know which to use and how to do a million different things. It takes a good 6 months training. One of our agents wanted to work in Canada and so now she works 3 until 11 matching her normal 10 to 6 shift. She’s really happy and we get to keep valuable, experienced, staff. It’s fantastic.”

Feeling Proud

The Lovehoney team have been able to realise a lot of their global market share ambitions and continue to see more and more success. It’s provided a great sense of achievement, Oxford highlights, “I suppose you could look at it this way, had we not been able to set up agents in Australia we wouldn’t have a warehouse there. Had we not done that, we wouldn’t have a warehouse in Atlanta with agents there also. One of our core values is about pride. We’ve created something that we are very, very, proud of and Cirrus has been an integral part of our success.”

What next?

Read more about Cirrus benefits and give us a call on 0333 103 3333 or contact us to find out more about how we could transform your Contact Centre.


Lovehoney is the UK’s most popular online shop for buying adult sex toys and sexy lingerie, discreetly, online.


  • Flexibility to have agents anywhere in the world
  • Reliable telephony solution
  • Improved business continuity planning capabilities
  • Faster and easier upskill of new agents
  • Better experienced staff retention rates
  • Better customer experiences


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