NewVoiceMedia’s cloud technology bulks-up Six Pack Shortcuts’ outbound sales

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After a year with NewVoiceMedia’s customer contact solution, Six Pack Shortcuts intensifies core sales regime


NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud technology, which helps businesses sell more, serve better and grow faster, today announced a new two-year contract with Six Pack Shortcuts, a provider of specialised training systems designed to enhance muscle building, encourage fat loss and improve overall fitness. Since deployment of NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Sales solution a year ago, the company has increased conversion rates by 42 percent while improving efficiencies across the business.


ContactWorld for Sales is a cloud customer contact solution with seamless Salesforce integration, well-suited for Six Pack Shortcuts’ high volume outbound sales needs. The technology monitors and delivers data on individual performance, so that executives can develop a dynamic picture of the company’s overall pipeline and sales performance. This includes a breakdown of data on number of calls made, length of conversations, conversions to meetings and eventual conversions – all tracked using Salesforce dashboards.


After struggling with hard phones and providers that didn’t integrate with Salesforce, Six Pack Shortcuts turned to NewVoiceMedia for a more capable and intuitive solution. Over the past year, NewVoiceMedia provided the sales insights, high call quality and reliable international service and global presence Six Pack Shortcuts needed. Local and international connectivity was key as the company continued to grow and expand both in the U.S. and globally.


Since its ContactWorld deployment, Six Pack Shortcuts has seen an increase in connection rates in the U.S. and internationally, increased conversion rates and improved efficiencies across the business.


Dan Rose, CEO of Six Pack Shortcuts, said “NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution has been an absolute game-changer for the growth of our sales floor. Its integration with Salesforce and the power of its technology have completely changed the dynamics of our sales team and allowed them to hit conversion metrics that are unheard of in our industry. I would recommend NewVoiceMedia to any company that uses phones in any capacity”.


Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia, said, “We are delighted to be a part of Six Pack Shortcuts’ success and pleased that the company is experiencing the full benefit of ContactWorld. As a fully scalable solution, which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, our technology enables companies like Six Pack Shortcuts to maintain a rapid pace on the sales floor. We are confident that as the company grows, our solution will continue to facilitate valuable connections and improve conversion rates”.


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About NewVoiceMedia

NewVoiceMedia powers customer connections that transform businesses globally. The leading vendor’s award-winning cloud customer contact platform revolutionises the way organisations connect with their customers worldwide, enabling them to deliver a personalised and unique customer service experience and drive a more effective sales and marketing team. With a true cloud environment and proven 99.999% platform availability, NewVoiceMedia ensures complete flexibility, scalability and reliability.


Spanning 128 countries and six continents, NewVoiceMedia’s 500+ customers include PhotoBox, MobileIron, TNT, Lumesse, Qlik, JustGiving, Canadian Cancer Society and Wowcher. For more information visit or follow NewVoiceMedia on Twitter @NewVoiceMedia.


About Six Pack Shortcuts

The Six Pack Shortcuts team empowers its members to transform their body and mind through exercise as well as mentorship 24/7. Becoming a member of the Six Pack Shortcuts workout system itself grants an instantly accessible, life-time pass to the leading fat-loss training program with just a click of the button.


This Six Pack Shortcuts programme allows for men and women, regardless of their age, goals or workout history to complete the training series all from the comforts of their own home; with no gym membership, no personal trainer fees required, the Six Pack Shortcuts workout system has virtually redefined fitness, one progress picture at a time. With the step-by-step digital system, any member can complete their daily workout conveniently from their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

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