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FREE WEBINAR | 20th March 2019 | Fulfilling Changing Customer Expectations with True Omnichannel

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Fulfilling Changing Customer Expectations with True Omnichannel

Today’s Contact Centres experience fundamental changes regarding the channels your customers expect to be able to use for interacting with you. Recently published NiceinContact research – the 2018 Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark report – documents how your customers’ expectations are evolving. We will share how digital channels are gaining importance, while the number of voice interactions is on the decline. Listen in to hear how you can strategically use this evolution to your advantage, and which trends and predictions for 2019 you should focus on. Then, Jens Andersson from Webhelp Nordic, will share with you the changing customer expectations WebHelp observes, and explain how NICE inContact CXone supports WebHelp to address those evolving customer needs with true Omnichannel, and simplified integration for chatbots and AI.

This will be a 2 part webinar:

1. Focus on the changing needs and expectations that Contact Centres are experiencing from their customers in terms of Omnichannel support; using the 2018 Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark research, present on how customer expectations and preferences in terms of interaction channels have changed (and are still changing), and how companies can use those changes to their advantage. 

2. How does CXone help to fulfill those changing needs with a true Omnichannel approach in the cloud. This will include the ability to flexibly add digital channels in a fully integrated manner, to scale up (or down) to accommodate fluctuating channel volumes, Omnichannel session handling to improve the customer experience and ensure agent productivity.

If you would like any further information regarding this event, please contact Trevor Butterworth on: 0118 376 9191 or 07932 669 299 or email: trevor@uk-ccf.co.uk.

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