Deliver personalised customer experiences every time.

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Build customer loyalty with seamless customer care.

Your customers expect to interact with you how, when and where they want. Their loyalty depends on you meeting all of their expectations. To help make sure that happens, your contact center services need to be seamlessly connected, run at peak efficiency and be available when your customers contact you. That way you can focus more on delivering a customer experience that’s above and beyond their expectations.

Our Customer Contact solutions—cloud contact center, global transport and routing services and Contact Center Managed Services—can help you plan, build and deliver exceptional personalized experiences to your customers. We can help you differentiate your customer experience, while helping you improve agent productivity, reduce costs and increase revenue. Create a seamless experience to make it easier for your customers to communicate with you and access the information they need, using their preferred channels. When you improve their experience by making the most of every interaction, across every channel, you can increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Unite your customer service with the flexibility of the cloud.

If your customer service is going to be more efficient and more innovative, you need the flexibility that only comes from the cloud. Our cloud contact center helps you scale your contact center services so you can control costs and get started quickly.

The cloud contact center suite features end-to-end contact services and reliable network connections to the cloud. It includes our Unified Customer Experience Management Platform and contact center services to help you:

  • Provide your customers with personalized experiences every time they interact with you.
  • Solve the challenges of a complex contact center setup.
    • Work with one partner—Verizon—to set up your integrated contact center platform.
    • Manage multiple contact centers and remote agents.

Virtual Contact Center (VCC):

Easily handle inbound, outbound and multimedia communications while boosting contact center performance with dynamic contact routing, agent optimization and expansive network services. With VCC, you can:

  • Centralize your contact centers into a virtual cloud enterprise to reduce costs and eliminate upfront capital expenses.
  • Help customers choose how to interact with you—voice, e-mail, chat or social media—with multichannel routing for more communications choices.
  • Interact, gather information and deliver the right data to callers and agents with interactive voice response (IVR) features like touch-tone menu routing and speech recognition to improve call efficiencies.
  • Quickly route your customers to the right agent or the service they want with automatic contact distribution, including voice, e-mail, chat and routing. Give your customers wait time announcements and create custom automated messages to improve customer experience.
  • Gather basic contact details—caller phone number and time in queue—and operate advanced features like IVR data transfers or third-party customer relationship management for more call control options.
  • Improve your customer experience with a comprehensive workforce management application—from workforce scheduling to evaluation to training.
  • Combine traditional contact center reporting and business-level reporting with our inView application so your agents can see the true impact of their performance on business metrics.

Learn more about Virtual Contact Center

Unified Customer Experience (Unified CX): 

Our Cisco®-powered, cloud-based customer contact solutions give you the agility of an operating expense spending model and the control and security you desire from a platform dedicated to your needs. We manage the cloud-based infrastructure and CX applications using an integrated, best-of-breed approach that gives you a unified platform to make it simpler for you. Unified CX includes IVR and speech self-service, seamless interaction routing across channels, an integrated agent desktop, reporting tools and full workforce optimization (WFO) features. This means you can:

  • Create consistent experiences, reduce training costs and speed time to market no matter what devices your customers and employees are using—smartphone, tablet, computer and phone.
  • Implement customized contact center routing strategies across all channels that include both self-service and assisted options.
  • View interaction history and support interaction handling with a customizable, multichannel agent desktop.
  • Increase sales and improve the decision making of your agents with increased visibility from a unified agent desktop.
  • Combine forecasting, scheduling, evaluation and management tools with customer contact solutions to empower the right staff at the right time.

Get the tools to interact with customers virtually anywhere, anytime. 

Easily reconfigure your contact center as your business needs change. Our scalable global transport and routing services give you a flexible foundation to efficiently add and deliver contact center services so you can quickly meet customer demand. Verizon is the industry leader in reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) Inbound and hosted IVR services, including IP Toll Free and local number calling and IP IVR.

Our IP Contact Center (IPCC) is a portfolio of interaction services that includes VoIP Inbound and IP IVR. Our network-based portfolio includes VoIP conversion for reliable termination to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices. It’s based on open standards, rather than a proprietary platform that could require additional integration costs. With Verizon IPCC, you gain the benefits of automatic technology upgrades, a fully managed hosted service and secure connectivity on one of the world’s largest IP backbones.

Whether you are already deploying an IP-enabled environment, establishing a road map to get there or are in the early stages of assessment, Verizon has the products and expertise to help with your transition or upgrade. Our services can be combined with existing access options to deliver the capabilities that will help you efficiently provide outstanding service to your customers.

You can boost contact center efficiency by seamlessly connecting and transferring between IP and Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) networks using our converged access. And to deliver your contact center services around the world, our international IP terminations services provide the originating service rate for calls and transfers that terminate via IP in 34 countries.

Product highlights

Deliver a consistent caller experience across all your locations. You can improve call routing with an IVR solution and help staff be more productive with easier call transfers. Our comprehensive IP Contact Center services give you all the usage-based features you need, including:

  • VoIP Inbound options. Including local to global calling with domestic toll-free and local services as well as International Toll Free Service and Universal International Freephone Numbers (ITFS/UIFN) that can be layered with dozens of advanced features to fit the needs of your business.
  • IVR Standard. Use the most frequently used IVR features: menu routing, message announcement, dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) and SIP transfers, attended and unattended Takeback and Transfer (TNT) and REFER, busy-no-answer rerouting (BNAR), automated speech recognition (ASR), local database, caller take back, announced connect, remote audio updates and basic customer call records (CCRs).
  • Self-service management and reporting tools. Available through the Verizon Enterprise Center, you have direct access to your account. Our Network Manager, a Windows® GUI application tool, puts you in control by helping you make quick changes to your calling plans and follow your business in near real time. In addition, you can extract near real-time traffic management reporting so you can have your finger on the pulse of your callers.

The Verizon Enterprise Center has simple tools for faster access to critical account information and customizable online management of your Verizon services.

Visit the Verizon Enterprise Center 

Stay up and running when every second counts.

To stay competitive, your contact center has to be highly resilient—even during natural events and technical incidents. Your customers’ loyalty hinges on how fast you respond to them and restore availability.

Our Contact Center Managed Services can help you focus on running your contact center while we handle critical IT and business continuity tasks. We proactively monitor and continually look for possible disruptions, such as software corruption, network issues or equipment failure. We can help you prevent interruptions from negatively affecting your contact center services. When service is disrupted, we can immediately send out a notice to customers in minutes, while we work with you to find the root cause and get services running again quickly.

Product highlights

We proactively monitor and manage your contact center infrastructure—at your location or any data center. You get our full management services for Genesys, Cisco and NICE and all the supporting hardware. Verizon Contact Center Managed Services feature:

  • 24×7 incident and event management. We receive, identify, correlate and classify incoming alerts and requests to resolve issues so your contact center stays up and running. This includes notifying, communicating and documenting actions in the Verizon electronic ticket management system (ETMS).
  • Change management. We provide review, documentation, scheduling and approval processes so you can make changes with minimal impact to your production environment.
  • Problem management. We deliver life-cycle management for identified and classified problems within your contact center environment.
  • Capacity management and performance reporting. We gather, analyze and communicate your key contact center performance metrics and identify capacity-related problems that may need action.

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