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There’s an old saying “knowledge is power”. If you know what’s happened, if you know what’s happening, then maybe you can know what’s going to happen?

“Call Centres” are complex places to work in. “Contact Centres” add even more complexity. So do you know what’s happening in your Centre? Do you know how things happen and when? Do you know why you offer the services that you do? Are those services what your customers really want?

That’s a lot of questions, but do you have all of the answers?

In addition many Call Centres have not been updated or refreshed in years. The recession hit everyone hard, but Call Centres are still in demand because when a customer buys a product or service, sooner or later, they will want to speak to a real person. It may be for information, for Customer Service or for fault resolution. There’s also always someone who wants to complain too!

Technology has moved on and customers have too. If you go back 10 years then the telephone was the customers preferred method of contact. If they decided to put something in writing then they usually wrote a letter.

Over the last decade technology has exploded. We all have mobile phones and that means that telephone conversations still happen, but we all have a choice now. Web pages using Web Chat, email, and of course, Social Media. Just about everyone now makes a comment on Facebook or Twitter. Does your technology have the capability to handle contact from such a diverse number of contact points?

Please don’t drop everything and go out to buy a new centre!

What do you need, what’s available, and what do your customers expect? The best course of action is a Contact Centre Audit. An intense and detailed investigation into your People, your Environment and your current Technology. Using PET as our starting point, we produce a written, and verbal report, which provides you with the information you require to ensure you obtain what’s right for you. At this point you can take the information and decide what to do next using your own people or you could move to stage 2.

Stage 2 is a Contact Centre Refresh and Replacement. We help you find the right solution and partner. We can run your RFI/RFP process and we act as your specialists and experts. We do the hard work of managing the complete process from Investigation, through Vendor selection, to Project Management of the implementation and Live Day sign off. The money we can save you often goes a long way to paying for the solution itself!

It all starts with knowledge. Knowledge really is power. The power to make your Contact Centre a world beater, a Customer Experience Heaven, simply the best!

Contact OysterCCConsultants now and let us talk to you and explain how we can be of service to you. No excuses, no surprises, just here to help you.

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