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Over half British workers now work from home

by • September 11, 2015 • NewsComments (0)2263

A survey by audio company Plantronics has revealed around half of the British workforce now do some elements of their job away from the work place (55%).  Furthermore, nearly half (47%) believe they are more productive if they can manage their time flexibly.

The line between our work and personal lives has become more blurred than ever, with many Brits claiming they were expected to work while on holiday this summer (25% had to take work calls while on holiday) but admitting they made up for it by taking time out during the working day to do things such as shop, take the kids to the park or just sit and sunbathe. Nearly a third (27%) do not feel guilty about taking time out of the working day so long as they are contactable.

Where we work is also changing:

– 30% of Brits say they worked from the pub this summer

– 20% worked from a park

– 16% worked from the beach

– 11% worked from the gym

– 4% worked from the golf course

The research also found 42% of Brits said the traditional notion of ‘working 9 to 5’ no longer applies to the way they manage their work life balance. 40% of Brits took work calls whilst on a day off and 27% of Brits say their boss expects them to be contactable, even on a day off.

Paul Clark, general manager north-western Europe for Plantronics, said: “The line between our work and personal lives has all but vanished now, and if companies want to get the best out of their people, they need to help them work more flexibly by giving them the trust and the technology to do so. As long as the work gets done to a high standard and on time, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s done from a park, a pub or an office. If people are willing to be contactable outside work time then employers should see the trade-off is people want to be more flexible about when and where they work. It’s about finding a work life balance that works best for them and their employer.”

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