Are you adding or losing value when you speak to customers?

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Your frontline service team is where value is created or lost for your organisation. Those thousands of conversations, though, can prove to be a brand and marketing nightmare.

But it should, and can, be a dream scenario – because those customers are calling, tweeting and emailing you. It means, at that critical impact point, you have complete customer engagement. And you can use that to build a bright future for your business if you take these simple but very effective steps to harnessing the impact point to maximum advantage.

  1. Create brand evangelists

If you can ensure that every person in your service centre is completely aligned to the vision and values of the company and is, in short, a brand evangelist. A team of brand evangelists can ensure their conversations add value to the customer and company.

  1. Have smart conversations

Many companies create scripts for their service centre staff. But scripts cannot deal with the wide range of emotions, personalities and needs those staff are faced with day in, day out.. A ‘smart conversation framework’ is the best way forward, using a conversation design that allows the team to keep track of conversations and know where to listen, clarify, execute and confirm satisfaction.

The best way to build trust is through promises – promises that are kept. The way the conversation is handled is ‘the emotional currency’ which has the opportunity to build loyalty and bring about remarkable results.

  1. Measure the impact

It is critical that the business has effective measures to fully understand the current experience and to find out what and who needs to improve.

And by better understanding the customer’s perception of this interaction and whether they will stay with the brand or even become an advocate, we can equate the value/profit that is being created – or lost.

These measures need to be at the individual agent level. After all it is the actions of each person that will realise the value for the brand. One person acting poorly can affect thousands of customers each year.

  1. Quantify the value of conversations

By linking the frontline agents to the quality of the conversation and the customers’ propensity to stay with the brand and become an advocate, we can see the real value driven to the bottom line.

In some organisations we have worked with, we have seen service teams able to reduce customer churn by up to 30%, as well as significantly increasing word-of-mouth sales. These improvements are generally worth millions in profits, but have been relatively straightforward to produce using the above steps.

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