5 Best Practise tips for Contact Centres

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Do you want to continually improve your customer service delivery and routinely smash your targets?

Here are 5 quick tips to help you improve best practice in your call centre, boost your reputation, earn positive brand engagements and deliver better customer service…

  1. Remember, Good Customer Service is Great Marketing

As consumers become increasingly marketing-savvy (to the point of scepticism), especially online, the content which carries the most weight tends to come from their peers. The one thing that hasn’t changed in the digital world is that word of mouth is king.

Providing an exceptional customer experience which triggers a positive review or social mention means you get to enjoy a powerful piece of marketing for next to nothing.

  1. Offer Multiple Channels for Communication

Freephone lines and email are all very well, but there are now many other routes which consumers may prefer to use to contact you. From the immediacy of Instant Messaging (IM) and live chat, to a tweet thread on Twitter, a conversation via a messaging app or an SMS exchange, provide as many options as possible to suit the needs of as many consumers as possible.

You might also consider the self-service contact centre model.

  1. Consolidate these Channels into One System

Multiple channels could present a challenge to some contact centres. Switching from one application to another can be time consuming and could mean some customer enquiries slip through the net, resulting in poor response times, or worse still, no response at all.

Implementing an omnichannel strategy within a single, unified system should enable your agents to deal with all enquiries within one cohesive environment.

  1. Get Analytical

Knowledge is power. Interaction analytics (aka speech analytics) can provide a lot of insight into your customers, their expected behaviours and your performance in dealing with them.

We’d recommend you explore the potential of this kind of in-depth analysis to monitor long silences and interruptions as this will highlight recurring problems and training gaps, allowing you to pinpoint areas where agent performance can be improved. 

  1. Don’t Compromise Data

Even big companies like Tesco Bank can be the victim of a data breach. To protect your brand reputation, as well as your customers’ personal data, never request information you don’t absolutely need and never store cardholder data in written or digital form.

To further enhance data security and PCI compliance in your contact centre, consider working with a fully hosted secure payment solution provider.

At PCI Pal, our solutions ensure no cardholder data ever reaches your payment environment, while ensuring easy access to the information your agents need – when they need it.


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